Board of Directors

The Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District is comprised of five members elected from single member Districts. Election of Directors is held in May of the same year as the U.S. Presidential election. The Board of Directors meets in regular sessions on the second Tuesday of each month in the city of Gonzales, Texas.


Gonzales County UWCD Board Precincts
GCUWCD Board Member Districts


Bruce Patteson

Precinct 2 GCUWCD Precinct 4

Bruce Tieken

Precinct 1 GCUWCD Precinct 1

Steve Ehrig
Vice President

Precinct 3 GCUWCD Precinct 3

Barry Miller
Secretary Treasurer

Precinct 4 GCUWCD Precinct 5

Kermit L. Thiele, Jr.

Precinct 5 GCUWCD Precinct 2











District Staff

Greg Sengelmann
General Manager

Laura Martin
Administrative Assistant

Link Benson
Well Mitigation Manager

Dr. James Benedict
Field Technician