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Groundwater Reports
The following groundwater reports provide information about the groundwater resources of the Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District.
TWDB Report No. 4 – Ground-Water Resources of Gonzales County, Texas
TWDB Report No. 12 – Ground-Water Resources of Caldwell County, Texas
TWDB Report No. 365 – Aquifers of the Gulf Coast of Texas
TWDB Report No. 372 – Water Quality in the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, 1990-2006
TWDB Report No. 374 – Aquifers of the Upper Coastal Plains of Texas
TWDB Report No. 379 – Changes in Water Levels in Texas, 1995-2005

The links below provide maps showing the geologic formations and aquifers across the Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District.
Map of Major Texas Aquifers
Map of Minor Texas Aquifers
Geologic Atlas of Texas (Seguin Sheet)

Groundwater Management Areas
Groundwater Management Areas (GMA’s) were created in order to provide for the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging, and prevention of waste of the groundwater, and of groundwater reservoirs or their subdivisions, and to control subsidence caused by withdrawal of water from those groundwater reservoirs or their subdivisions. To the extent feasible, the groundwater management areas coincide with the boundaries of a groundwater reservoir or a subdivision of a groundwater reservoir. There are 16 Groundwater Management Areas in Texas. For a map showing the Groundwater Management Area locations click here: . The Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District is located in GMA 13, along with eight other groundwater districts.

Region L Water Plan
Each Regional Water Planning Group (RWPG) is responsible for preparing and adopting a regional water plan for its area which is then incorporated into the State Water Plan. The Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District is located in the South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group (Region L). RWPGs must provide a process for public input in the planning process, hold public meetings, and furnish a draft report of the plan for public review and comment. The Texas Water Code requires that regional and the State Water Plans be updated every five years.

State Water Plan
This plan presents information regarding the recommended conservation and other types of water management strategies that would be necessary to meet the state’s needs in drought conditions, the cost of such strategies, and estimates of the state’s financial assistance that would be required to implement these strategies.

Water Conservation
TWDB Water Conservation Information

TCEQ Water Conservation Information

Texas Water Smart

Drought Information
Drought Information TCEQ Drought Information

Palmer Drought Index

Water Well Information
Water Well Owner Information

How to Sample a Water Well

How to Disinfect a Water Well

Guidance on Plugging a Water Well

Useful Links
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