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Water, Water, Everywhere - Conserve & Capture!

Water, Water, Everywhere - Conserve & Capture!

Water, Water, Everywhere  -  Until the Heat of Summer Hits....

Spring rains have finally arrived! While we enjoy the gradual shift from colder temps to the warmth of early spring, don't let the opportunity to capture and conserve the rainfall of spring pass you by!

Folks who want to save money on their water bills and promote water conservation can save rainwater without an elaborate rooftop system. Rain barrels are an inexpensive and easy solution to not only help conserve water, promote healthier plants and soil, but reduce storm water runoff, as well!

Catching and storing roof water for use in landscaping projects takes advantage of a free source of water while simultaneously reducing sewer overflows and flooding. This also helps recharge the groundwater supply with pure, unpolluted water. A big plus to factor in - the water collected in rain barrels provides non-chlorinated water for use lawns and gardens.

Consumers using rain barrels and other conservation methods at home can examine and compare their water usage using an online water calculator. The calculator allows users to compare their water use to a similar average and efficient homes in their regions. It also shows which home water sources are efficient and which may be wasteful. Take a look at the simple conservation tips to help save water and energy.