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Redistricting RFQ & SOQ

The Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District (GCUWCD) is in search of a firm to complete the redistricting services associated with the 2020 census.

The GCUWCD requests for proposal (RFP) for a Services Contract, and statement of qualifications (SOQ) for a redistricting plan to supervise the redistricting of 5 (five) single voter precincts within the GCUWCD boundary including parts of Gonzales and Caldwell Counties (hereinafter “Redistricting”) for a District under 50,000 people.

The Redistricting involves census data retrieval and analysis from the 2020 Federal Census, District Precinct Rebalancing, adherence to Federal and State laws, and present illustrative plans. The total cost of the Project shall not exceed $25,000. The SOQ must be delivered to the address or email noted in the RFQ. In the event that no acceptable RFP’s are received, the GCUWCD retains the right to not award any Contract(s).

In order to make sure that any redistricting plan that might be submitted is of maximum assistance to the Board of Directors in its decision-making process, the Board of Directors herby sets the following guidelines:
1. Plans should be submitted in writing. If a plan is submitted orally there is significant opportunity for misunderstanding, and it is possible that errors may be made in analyzing it. The response, including attachments, shall not exceed 35 pages. The Board of Directors desires that all proposals be fully and accurately considered.
2. Evaluation of 2020 Census data to determine whether existing political boundaries, including Board Member Precincts, are in compliance with applicable state and federal law.
3. Respondent will provide demographic analysis of existing political boundaries, including analysis of both the total county population as well as voting age population, in terms of ethnic classification, location, and concentrations within census blocks and other relevant statistical analysis.
4. Respondent will provide maps and tabular data necessary to clearly demonstrate the basis for any reapportionment obligations imposed upon the GCUWCD.
5. Provide technical skills and services to assist the Board of Directors and Staff of GCUWCD in drafting, mapping, and supporting any subsequent submission of the eventual plan for reapportionment adopted by the GCUWCD.
6. Conduct such public meetings or hearings as may be necessary to accomplish the objective of this Request for Proposal.
7. Provide demographic analysis of any alternative plan to be considered by the GCUWCD Board of Directors.
8. Be responsible for submission of the adopted plan for reapportionment of GCUWCD political boundaries to the United States Department of Justice.
9. Each proposal shall clearly and unambiguously provide the following:
a. A schedule of work and timeline for completion of each stage of work.
b. The qualifications of each Respondent, including the name of each individual who will be engaged in the scope of work, experience of that individual in reapportionment work, any professional degrees or credentials that individual holds of relevance to the objective of this Request for Proposal.
c. A list of prior reapportionment clients, including address and telephone number of a contact person for each client.
d. A statement of cost for the proposal, which must include a flat rate option. Any hourly rate proposal must also contain an estimate of the number of hours for each stage of the work, within the limits of the NOT TO EXCEED figure.
e. Each Respondent will be initially responsible for all costs incurred in the project, unless costs to be paid by the GCWUCD are clearly identified in detail.

All responses must be received and date and time stamped by GCUWCD no later than the RFQ Deadline. GCUWCD will not accept late submittals. Telephone, responses will not be accepted.

The solicitation process for this RFQ will proceed according to the following schedule:

Deadline for Submission: October 31, 2021

Deadline for Project Completion:  January 18, 2022


GCUWCD shall award a Contract to the vendor whose proposal is considered to be the best qualified to complete the Project.

The RFP supporting documents are available upon request at the GCUWCD office and on the GCUWCD website: www.gcuwcd.org

Mailing Address Office Address Web Address
P.O. Box 1919 522 Saint Matthew Street www.gcuwcd.org
Gonzales, TX 78629 Gonzales, TX 78629

All inquiries MUST be submitted either in writing or via e-mail generalmanager@gcuwcd.org to the attention of GCUWCD Interim General Manager or admin@gcuwcd.org attention Administrative Assistant.